To public opinion and all international organizations concerned with human rights

The Turkish occupation and its affiliated Syrian factions are still practicing all kinds of violations in occupied Afrin after they forcibly displaced the people of Afrin (Çiyayê Kurmênc). On 12/19/2022, a Turkish intelligence patrol, accompanied by members of the military police, stormed the house of lawyer Luqman Hamid Hanan in Al-Mahmudiyah neighborhood in Afrin city, and he was arrested without justification and taken to an unknown destination.

In a sustained repetition of the crimes and violations that the Afrin region has been witnessing since its occupation by the Turkish army and the factions loyal to it, forty-five-year-old lawyer Luqman Hamid Hanan, from the village of “Haj Qassemo” of Maabatli district, Afrin region, a father of three, was subjected to harsh treatment and severe torture. During the arrest, he lost his life, which led to his death on Thursday morning, 12/22/2022.

It is noteworthy that Lawyer Luqman was arrested more than once by members of the military police and armed factions affiliated with the so-called Syrian National Army, under flimsy and fabricated pretexts, with the aim of extortion and ransom demand, without any legal justification.

We, the undersigned organizations and personalities, and based on our belief in the values ​​of freedom, justice and equality, condemn in the strongest terms this heinous crime committed by the Turkish-backed armed factions, which is considered a crime against humanity and contradicts international norms and laws, including the Rome Statute.

We also hold the Turkish occupation state and the factions supported by it fully responsible for this heinous crime, and we demand that the circumstances of this crime be disclosed, that those responsible be held accountable by the United Nations fact-finding committee, and that the perpetrators be brought to justice so that they receive their just punishment for what their hands have committed.

In the name of freedom, justice and humanity, we call on all people of living conscience, including intellectuals, academics, media professionals, lawyers, journalists, and local and international humanitarian and human rights bodies, to move and confront the violations committed by the armed factions in the Afrin region in all their forms, and to join their voice to our voice and solidarity with us to stop the criminal acts and daily violations that occur in the region Afrin.

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