Violations of the Elite Army faction of the Turkish occupation in the village of Zêtûnakê Sharan district in the occupied countryside of Afrin.

It belongs to Shara / Sharran district and is 18 km away from its center, consisting of about / 70 / houses, and there were about / 500 / original Kurdish residents, all of whom were displaced during the aggression against the area, and about /35 families = 125 people / The rest were forcibly displaced, and about /30 families = 175 people / of the recruits were settled there, and about /35 families = 200 people / of the recruits, sheep breeders, were settled in tents set up within the castle of Nabi Hori adjacent to the village.

As a result of the bombing of the village during the war, the house of the citizen “Khalil Ahmed Horo” was destroyed and a number of houses were partially damaged, and more than ten sheep and two cows died. On February 4, 2022 AD, the elderly “Ahmed Muhammad Horo / 77 years old” was martyred.

The village is controlled by the “Elite Army” militia, led by the so-called “Moataz Raslan”, and makes the house of “Faeq Hajj Ahmadzadeh” a military headquarters. the windows of some, of provisions, copper utensils, gas cylinders, electrical, photovoltaic, and other tools and fixtures; It also stole an agricultural tractor and a pickup car for Sheikho Faeq, a tractor for Bashir Qara Mohammed, a Suzuki mini truck for Rashid Horo, a tractor that was returned to its owner after paying a royalty, and an electric generator set (amperes) for Haji Manan Faeqzadeh. And about 10 motorcycles, and about /20/ electric generating sets for homes and artesian wells, and the contents of the two mosques of the village and the castle, which were later re-equipped, and the entire machinery of the olive press of “Manan Faeqzadeh” and the conversion of its building into a stable for livestock, a transformer and cables The public electricity network, the drinking water meters from the houses and the main pipes of his network, the contents of the two drinking water pumping stations and the sabotage of their buildings and the main pipes leading to /16/ villages that were feeding them before the occupation.

It seized about /6/ thousand olive trees with grape vines, including the absent families of “Karmza, Musa, Qara Muhammad, Hasik, Shashek, Hanan Ibo, Faeq Hajj Ahmadzadeh, Zakaria Khalil, Suleiman Khalil, Ismail Sheikho” who are absent, and a large fish returning For “Manan Faeqzadeh”, in addition to imposing a royalty of /50%/ on the production of seasons for the absent delegates and /10%/ on the seasons of those present; As well as overgrazing of livestock between olive fields and agricultural lands.

And it carried out extensive excavations in the Nabaa site, east of the castle – the popular tourist – and cut down most of the trees in it, in order to establish a fish pond, accompanied by the search for antiquities and their theft, without completing the project, especially since the so-called Moataz Raslan and Ahmed Al-Juma’a leaders of the Elite Army and under the eyes of The Turkish intelligence bulldozed and excavated the entire site of Nabi Hori Castle and his shrine the Roman pyramid burial shrine – we talked about in previous reports – in search of antiquities and buried treasures and their theft. An olive tree and the destruction of about /20 hectares of agricultural land belonging to the villagers.

The remaining residents were subjected to various types of violations, including kidnapping, arbitrary arrests, torture, insults, material extortion and others.

It is reported that one of the leaders of the “Elite Army” called “Abdul Karim Younes”, a Tunisian national and a former ISIS terrorist, married a girl from the village and built a villa to live there after he divorced his two ex-wives. Human Rights Organization – Afrin

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