Isolating the occupied area of ​​Afrin by targeting the settlement of Mount Lilon. The demographic change is the transfer of large population blocks from another region, and it is not limited to one region at a time, but to the starting and stable regions, which is what many Syrian regions have been exposed to, except that in Afrin it is more profound because of its Kurdish specificity and because it was subjected to the occupation of a foreign country .

What happened in Afrin cannot be summed up as “occupation”, as the aggression led to the displacement of more than 75% of the Kurdish residents of the region and referred them to exile in the al-Shahba region, and the Turkish occupation authorities and their militia militias impeded their return after occupying the area on 3/18/ 2018, while waves of deportees from the people of the cities and towns of Ghouta poured into Afrin, and if we take into account that the last batch of deportees from Douma was on 4/15/2018, we are sure that demographic change was a top priority of the Turkish occupation. Most of the homes left by their people were confiscated, and not all of the returnees were able to restore their homes.

In principle, it was intended to transfer all the factors of the Syrian crisis to the north, including the Afrin region, and those who were described as terrorists until March 2018, became displaced and helpless, and this was a fundamental change in the course of the crisis.

The international references did not take any strict positions regarding the forced demographic change measures, neither in Afrin nor in the whole of Syria. Nor was there an international effort to resolve the crisis.

The seizure of homes and the housing of recruits from the rest of the Syrian regions was the first step in the demographic change, but the region did not absorb all the recruits after March 2018 and the additional regiments that came from Idlib with the military escalation in it in early 2020. Dozens of informal camps spread in the villages of Afrin, and the Kurds became a minority in their area In order to establish the reality of the change taking place, projects to build settlement outposts began with the direct support of the Turkish authorities.

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