Violations of the factions of the so-called Syrian National Army of the Turkish occupation in the village “Kferdla Thtani- Keferdelê Jêrîn”

Keep track of the city Afrin center and away from B 20 km, consisting of about 75 house, and he was about 400 inhabitants as a native, all of whom were displaced during the aggression on the region, and returned them 55 families = 300 inhabitants were resettled 20 families = 125 inhabitants / of them recruited. During the aggression damaged house he was hit with a micro-bus was burning in it.

Controlled village militia “brigade Algab- band Alhamzat”, taken a house belonging to ‘Abdul Rahman Ibish “military headquarters, but it vacated about three months ago and had a barrier armed on the highway Lan- Jenders, at the junction village” Aandrih “neighboring ; And on 21 June, 2021 the “military police” remove the militia brigade barriers from the village and some nearby villages after the exemption Metzamh called “Moataz Al-Abdullah” and was sent off with its elements by Alhamzat.

Stolen all the contents of the militia about 40 house of supplies and copper pots, tools, electrical equipment, etc., and combine back for Haji Messenger” and a tractor for Hanif blended tractor and a taxi for Ahmed Haj Hanan tractor and car Astaadahma Sahbhma Mahmoud Mohamed Zeno after your August Kia pay a royalty, and the car owner recovered Mustafa Abdel-Qader Khalil after payment of a royalty, and a special electric generating station drinking water pumping and all of its equipment since the first day of the occupation; And also captured the olive presses belonging to Haji Messenger and forced him to partnership with them; It also controls the one inducted village mosque and teach the children the Koran and religion in exchange for wages demanding from their parents, in addition to forcing parents to pay zakat to him.

It imposed in each olive royalty 350 season oil cans (16 kg) on the people of the village, at the rate 1-3 jerricans for each family, except for the thefts semi-daily fruits of the olive and others.

Cut 30 olive tree for Abdo Murad and 30 pine tree in total Mracah- Gelî Meraqê and 20 Other olive tree in a Aandrih to the people of the village site.

And dug and dug in Tel Kanya Kr- Kaniya Gir village near the junction, towards the village Kourkan adjacent, heavy vehicles, in search of antiquities and treasures buried and stolen.

The exposure of the remaining people in the village for various violations, harassment and arbitrary arrests, insults and blackmail material and others, and continuously; Altitude Hussein Bin Jamal 18 year,” the young man was arrested and forcibly hiding since mid-2018, and is still unaccounted for.

Source: Afrin Rights Organization _EOHR_

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