The story of the land of olives… a 58-meter-long painting embodies four phases: peace, war, displacement and return. On the first of last March, the Social Affairs and Labor Authority, in coordination with the Comin of Painting for Afrin, launched a project to draw a painting embodying four phases experienced by Afrin canton, with a length of 58 meters, indicative of the number of days of the Turkish aggression and its affiliated militias. And participated in the drawing of the painting 13 male and female artists. In the presence of hundreds of forcibly displaced Afrin residents, representatives of political parties, members of institutions, unions and civil bodies, the curtain was unveiled in Barkhdan camp, on Tuesday 17/5/2022. The painting was intended to be a message from the forcibly displaced people of Afrin, and their affirmation of adhering to the spirit of resistance to liberate their lands and return to it. It simulates the course of the years that the Afrin canton lived through during the Syrian crisis, and the painting is expected to roam many cities and towns in north and east Syria and the city of Aleppo, and the painting includes four stages. she: The first stage, which is the stage before the occupation of the city, when the canton of Afrin and all its villages were enjoying peace and security. The second stage, reflects the Turkish aggression and its militias on Afrin, and the legendary resistance that its people and its people over a period of 58 days. The third stage, depicts life in the camps of al-Shahba canton. The fourth stage: embodies the hope of returning to the occupied city of Afrin. It is noteworthy that Sardam camp witnessed on 10/28/2018 an artistic event entitled The Imprints of Pain, in which about 400 children participated in drawing on a 200-meter canvas. On 2/9/2019 a similar event was organized, the second phase of Pain Imprints in which two thousand Afrin children participated, and the length of the painting was 500 meters, entitled Pain Imprin

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