The prisons of the occupation and its militias in Afrin Basuta Prison, run by the Hamzah Division militia and under the supervision of Turkish intelligence. This prison was known as the Citadel, in reference to one of the prisons during the Ottoman period during their occupation of the city of Damascus. The station prison is called the station because it is a train station. It is supervised by Turkish intelligence. It is located near Raju, and most of the detainees there are from the people of Raju, Mobata and Medano. It is also known as one of the notorious prisons. Raju Prison, or what is known as the Salafi prison, is a harsh religious prison. The Turkish intelligence prison in Raju, which is also considered one of the secret prisons, is managed and supervised by the Turkish intelligence alone, and the prison is considered a place for investigation and deportation of detainees to Turkey. Goran Prison, which is a small prison consisting of one of the houses located on the outskirts of the village, is run by the Sham Legion militia. Al-Mowasalat Prison, considered one of the worst prisons in the city of Afrin, is run by the “Syrian Front” militia. It is also known as the Investigation Prison. Many eyewitnesses and detainees spoke of severe torture. Al-Karamah School Prison, which is considered one of the oldest schools in the city of Afrin, where various types of torture are practiced. It is run by the “Al-Sham Legion” militia and Turkish intelligence, and it has a women’s wing. The court prison is located near the old surgical hospital of Afrin. It is one of the cellars located within the old court, and it is a prison for women. The Tarnada checkpoint prison is managed and supervised by Turkish intelligence. It is also considered one of the most dangerous prisons in Turkey, where all kinds of physical and psychological torture are practiced. The Azhar Afrin Private School prison is directly managed and supervised by Turkish intelligence. Amir Ghobari School Prison in the center of Afrin is also managed and supervised by Turkish intelligence. Kharab Sharran Village School Prison. The prison of the Arab Union School in the city of Afrin has become a military headquarters, and there is a special wing for prisoners, supervised by the Levant Front militia. The Villa Street prison in the city of Afrin, which is one of the abandoned houses turned into a prison by the “Ahrar al-Sharqiya” militia. Ashrafieh Prison, also, is one of the houses that were seized by groups affiliated with the Justice Gathering led by Abu Idris and turned into a secret prison. Afrin Prison, or as it is known as Marat Prison, is divided into civil and military. Ahrar al-Sham militia prison and is considered one of the secret prisons. The Black Prison. This prison houses about 800 prisoners, most of whom are accused of dealing with the Autonomous Administration. Military Police Militia Prison in the Commercial Secondary Headquarters in Afrin. Kafr Jannah prison. Maidan Akbis prison belongs to the Sham Legion militia and is called the Palestine Branch. Al-Hamzat Prison in the city of Afrin, a secret prison affiliated with the “Hamza Division” militia, which was stormed on May 29, 2020, and it was found that there were dozens of detainees and abductees two years ago without being brought to justice, including 11 women. Al-Amashat Prison, located in the Shih/Sheikh Al-Hadid district, where the village school was converted into a prison, and the killing of civilians inside it was documented. These are the main prisons in the Afrin region, in addition to the fact that each militia “faction or brigade” has a main prison directly connected to it in each district, in addition to the prisons located in the militia headquarters of the villages affiliated with it, in addition to other prisons outside Afrin to which most detainees are transferred, which are Al-Ra’i prisons Sejou was imprisoned in Azaz, according to the Violations Documentation Center in North and East Syria.

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