Afrin … 6 years imprisonment for a Yezidi woman who has been detained for 526 days. Yazidina website quoted his sources in the city of Afrin as saying that the “civil court” under the control of the Syrian National Army had sentenced 6 years to the Yazidi lady Ghazala Salmou Manan (46), after she was charged with the attempt to kill the so-called “Abu Zaid” who holds a leadership position in the “Legion of the Levant” militia that controls the village of “Basovan” Yazidi located at a distance of 17 How many south of the city of Afrin in the countryside of Aleppo, northwest of Syria? And Ghazaleh was kidnapped by the “Legion of the Levant” militia after storming her house in the village of Basovan (Afrin) on December 4 of 2020, along with 11 citizens who were taken to a prison in the village of Isca / Iskan of the Shirawa district in the countryside of Afrin, and they were tortured there according to a report that was completed Prepared earlier in the past year, most of them were transferred to the “Military Police” prison next to the Afrin Central Prison known as the Ma’rata Prison. And all the civil sources that we have communicated with at the Violations Documentation Center confirm that Ghazala is a citizen who has never taken up arms and never knows its use and has not happened to any armed groups.

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