(Sex for survival)).. An international organization report exposes the reality of widows’ camps in areas under Turkish occupation and its militias. The British Guardian newspaper published a report, on 12/4/2022, under the title: Report warns that women face chronic violence in widows’ camps in Syria. The report quoted the World Vision, a non-governmental organization, as saying that conditions are significantly worse than in the general camps, where some women were forced to engage in survival sex According to the newspaper, the new report revealed that women and children living in hard-to-reach camps in northwest Syria face chronic and high levels of violence and depression, with some women being forced into survival sex Children in so-called ‘widow’s camps’ have been found to be severely neglected, abused and forced to work while mothers are on the verge of psychological collapse. More than 80% of women say they do not receive adequate health care and 95% report feeling hopeless. About 34% of children said they had experienced one or more forms of violence and 2% said they got married at a young age. Child labor is a significant problem, with 58% of boys and 49% of girls aged 11 or over forced to work. Of the 419 people World Vision interviewed in 28 camps, which are home to tens of thousands of single women – including those who are divorced or have lost their husbands – and their children, nearly one in four said they witnessed sexual assault in the camp on grounds of Daily, weekly or monthly. About 9% of respondents said they had been sexually abused. The NGO said that women are not allowed to leave the camps freely. Unable to find paid work or provide for their families, some find they have no choice but to engage in so-called survival sex with male guards and camp managers. We rightly see the world expressing its solidarity with the victims of the conflict in Ukraine, and governments generously committed to doing everything they can to meet the humanitarian needs there, said Alexandra Mattei, the report’s lead author. But Syrian widows and their children deserve the same level of compassion, compassion and commitment. Their pain, despair, and need are no less than that of anyone else fleeing conflict. Fatima , a mother of three children in one of the camps, says that she suffers from severe back pain, but she cannot get health care: We don’t even have bread and water. When (children) ask for bananas, I ask them to be patient. There is nothing we can do, water and bread are more important. She added, It is not safe for women and girls to go to the mountain to fetch firewood to warm themselves or to cook. It is not safe at all. I must take my neighbor or someone with me so that I don’t go alone. And I can’t send my kids alone either, because it’s not safe. I have no one”.1.833Bereikte mensen147Betrokkenheidsacties–DistributiescoreBericht promoten

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