Depriving the villages of Bulbul district of water after the theft of all the contents of the Nabi Hori station by the Elite Army militia. Members of the Elite Army militia affiliated with the Turkish occupation stole all the pipes of the Nabi Hori water station in Bulbul district and sold them as scrap in the markets of northern Syria, which caused the water to be cut off from the villages of the district. The Nabi Hori water station feeds several villages in the Bulbul district, such as the villages of Qurta, Qastal Miqdad, Shekhorzi and Sharqiya, the “Elite Army” militia had stole parts of them, causing the water to cut off from each other, and then in the past few days it returned to stealing the rest of the parts with sufficient water pipes, which are Pipes made of font metal and installed since 1989, to permanently cut off water from the villages that feed them in the district. According to Afrin Post sources, the Turkish-funded organizations operating in the occupied region of Afrin submitted a request to the Turkish occupation authorities to equip and rehabilitate the station, restart it and provide the district with water, but the latter rejected it. Since the Turkish occupation of Afrin in March 2018, all water stations in Afrin region have been theft by armed militias and sold as scrap, until some of them went out of service, causing final cuts to some villages and a scarcity of drinking water in other villages, in clear collusion with the occupation authorities. Turkey, with the aim of restricting the indigenous Kurdish population of Afrin, by depriving them of their most basic living rights, in order to serve the policy of demographic change practiced by Ankara in the Afrin region.

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