Citizen Selda Sheikho forcibly disappeared in areas controlled by the Syrian National Army of the Turkish occupation Contact was lost with Selda Sheikho Bint Kamal, 27, from the village of Musaku, Rajo district, a widow, mother of five children, and her news was cut off amid an unknown fate more than two months ago, after she was on her way to Turkish territory through a smuggling network. She was raised in the al-Shahba region to the city of Aleppo and then to the city of Tabqa and Manbij, which is under self-administration, and then went to the city of Jarablus, which is under the control of the factions of the so-called Syrian National Army of the Turkish occupation. Forcibly disappeared by the military intelligence of the Turkish occupation on charges of dealing with the former Autonomous Administration, and according to the sources, some dignitaries from the Arab tribes settled in Rajo district intervened to find out their fate, but their efforts have remained in vain so far. The widow Selda suffers from chronic diseases, including “blockage in the arteries that supply the brain” and also suffers from memory loss, and her mother fears for her daughter’s life under the conditions of enforced disappearance in one of the military intelligence detention centers. Human Rights Organization Afrin – Syria

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