Al-Hamzat militia kidnapped a shepherd in the village of Kemarih on charges of cooperating with the Afrin Liberation Forces. The Afrin Post reporter stated that members of the Al-Hamza Division militia of the Turkish occupation, led by the so-called Rami Al-Batran kidnapped a shepherd and severely beat him in the village of Kemarih in Sherawa district. Our correspondent stated that on the 3rd of this month, members of the faction kidnapped the settler, Oqba Al-Hussein bin Hussein, 26 years old, from the village of Al-Tarnabah in Saraqib countryside and working in the field of shepherding. He was severely beaten and severely tortured, after the settler found an explosive device near Kemar village in Sherawa district. Our correspondent indicated that the settler went to the headquarters of the Hamzah Division militia in the village of Kemar to inform them of the presence of the mine, but the gunmen accused the settler of having placed the explosive device and working for the Afrin Liberation Forces, and his fate is still unknown until this moment. And in the midst of the violations and security chaos in the occupied city of Afrin, the 80-year-old citizen Bayram Mamo Kabeh was injured, and another woman was wounded from the people of Bulbul district in Afrin countryside on April 7, as a result of violent clashes between the Al-Hamza Division militia on the one hand and the Sham Legion militia on the other other.

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