One of them wrote, commenting, “The large population of Afrin benefits everyone financially. Why is this fighting for the Syrian population? Stop Afrin’s racism for all.”… Perhaps with these words he expressed the ultimate in racism, hatred, ignorance and foolishness, and he would regurgitate the phrase “Afrin is a Syrian city for all,” and would it be Syria and for all Syrians under the Turkish flag? Do you think anyone would be content to have his brother snatched his house from him and throw him out into the open… Then he is told that there is no difference and no difference between brothers… It is hidden hatred and racism without borders, sometimes in the guise of religion, and sometimes in the name of patriotism… You see why the Syrian crisis began ? This is a form of open hypocrisy, and what applies to Afrin must apply to all Syrian cities!!! Why did they leave their towns and villages, but why did they kill and bombard the neighborhoods, cut off roads and kidnapped… Ankara wanted to attack Afrin, what was far beyond military control, and it found its goal in many Syrians who are obsessed with serving the Sultan’s shoes. The ongoing fighting of the factions, the last of which was yesterday over the distribution of breakfast meals, confirms the identity of those who entered Afrin and the degree of their patriotism and faith!! And in a remarkable scene a few days ago, the so-called Yusef Dia Arbajik of Turan and a leader in the gray wolves was preaching about religion… We are in a time when the hypocrite distributes certificates of faith and divides between heaven and hell, and bandits talk to us about patriotism… and thieves lecture about honesty and morals! Afrin is not occupied, but is completely violated, and absolutely not liberated. Rather, it was chosen to be the geography of settling accounts, and there is consensus among all countries, governments and groups to end the Kurdish presence in Afrin. Afrin is a goal in itself, but each party is investing in it in its own way.

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