In addition to committing thefts that occur almost daily in the occupied region of Afrin, the shops selling foodstuffs in the occupied region of Afrin are exposed to theft of their contents without the security services taking action to put an end to and prosecute the perpetrators. The “Afrin Post” reporter reported that an unknown group stole all the contents of the shop of the citizen “Faeq Muhammad” from the town of Shih, located in the Mahmudiya neighborhood in the center of the occupied city of Afrin, after the suhoor yesterday, April 3rd. This is the third incident in the past ten days. On March 27, unknown persons stole all the contents of the shop of the citizen Khalil Osu from the people of Alkana village in the Shih / Sheikh Al-Hadid district, which is located at the western highway (mazut) in the Mahmoudiyah neighborhood, from By creating an opening from the entrance to the building and entering the store from the back. Another incident of theft was recorded on March 23 of last year, of a food store near the industrial zone in the Ashrafieh neighborhood, of Ali Khalil, a resident of Kurzili village. In the same context, our correspondent added that the citizen, “Shiar Adnan” from the village of Siuya, was able to retrieve his car about a month after it was stolen in the old city of Afrin by an element of the “Al-Sham Legion” militia, who had sold it to a person residing in Kefraya. Idlib Governorate. In the same way, members of the “military police” militia in Rajo district are working to steal and extract the optical cable in order to get rid of copper ore and trade it, to add to their criminal record full of violations and abuses against the residents of the area.

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