Today, Sunday, nine children were injured as five Doshka weapon shells fell at about four o’clock on the schoolyard of the Hassiye/Mirkan village school in the Mobata/Maabatli district. According to “Afrin Post” sources.
The sources indicated that while the village school students were present in the courtyard, five shells fell, one of which hit the water tank and the rest fell among the students, some of which did not explode, injuring nine of their children, including a critical condition: Sulaf Jaafar – Zaloukh Suleiman – Anfal Rostom – Omar Ghazal – Wassim Salah – Abdullah Sanikh – Maryam Muhammad Qasim – Muhammad Suleiman Hamdi, and they were taken to the Martyr Farzanda Military Hospital in the occupied city of Afrin.
It is noteworthy that on the 25th of October 2020, the Hamza Division militia fired bullets and shells on the road between Mobata town and the village of Darker in the site called “Bir Izzat Hassan Rasha, which led to the injury of three Kurdish citizens of the people of The town of Mobata \ Maabatli, and they are: 1 _ Narine Yusef Gawish, wife of Ali Hanan Aliko, nicknamed Hanan Carreh, 2 _ Muhammad Shaabo’s wife, whose injury is light, and 3 _ Muhammad Shaabo, nicknamed Ham Jan, whose serious injury required him to be taken to the hospital, but his health condition is better than it used to be.

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