Military police militia release a Kurdish citizen in return for 20000 dollars in the district of Jindeires.
“Afrin Post” in the occupied city of Afrin mentioned that the Turkish occupation authorities released the Kurdish citizen ( Adnan Arabo) from Jindeires in return for about twenty- five thousand dollars as a ransom.
The reporter said that (Arabo) was arrested by the military police on January 30th being accused of belonging to the previous Kurdish administration knowing that had been arrested several time and had been released each time after paying a ransom.It is worth mentioning that the Turkish occupation forces killed Arabo’s cousin, (Ghalib Arabo ) in 2018 while he was trying to get out of Jindeires on his motorcycle to Afrin.
The ” Afrin Post” has registered since the beginning of 2022 about one hudred cases of arrest of which 94 cases have been documented, among them were 10 women and most of them were arrested by the military police militia with the help of the Turkish secret service together with the security offices of the armed groups while they were charged with having relations with the previous Kurdish administration in Afrin ditrict.

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