Weekly Report on Turkish Violations in Syrian Territory 20 February 2022.
The Turkish forces and the Syrian armed militias supporting them continue to commit more crimes and violations against civilians, in violation of international and humanitarian law, against Syrian civilians and their property in all occupied Syrian lands and cities. During this week, the number of detainees increased to 14 civilians, and since the beginning of January 2022, the number of civilians detained by the Syrian National Army has reached 86. The escalation of violations comes as an open attempt to silence and displace the remaining indigenous population or exploit them to obtain more royalties and ransoms.
The Turkish forces and the Syrian militia loyal to them continued to use excessive force against Syrian civilians, storming cities and towns in the countryside of Aleppo, Hasaka, and Raqqa, including Afrin, carrying out arrests, confiscating property, and turning those cities and towns into isolated colonies. On the other hand, the occupation forces are still imposing collective punishment on the people of the city of Afrin and its villages in the countryside, by continuing to impose the siege for the fourth year in a row, and preventing the people from returning, as most of them live in camps in the al-Shahba area, which has exacerbated the humanitarian situation on all levels.
The armed groups supported by Turkey continue to carry out more arrests and kidnapping of civilians, as the rates of violence, crime, arrests, kidnappings, bombings, assassinations and unidentified bodies increased in the Afrin region and the entire areas controlled by the Turkish Armed Forces in northern Syria.
The Turkish forces and the Syrian armed groups supported by them under the name of the Syrian National Army and the security services associated with them continue to commit more violations and do not heed the calls to stop the daily raids, arrest citizens and kidnap them for ransom, prevent their relatives from knowing where they are being held or the reasons for their detention, refuse to bring them to trial and prevent them from authorizing them Attorney.
During the year 2021, the Afrin region witnessed the arrest of more than (719) citizens, and they are among the detainees whose names we were able to document, while the actual number is more than that, especially since there are names that their families refused to mention, in addition to cases of arrests that we could not reach. Follow-up and document the killing of civilians under torture, and multiple cases of violations.
Organized daily looting, seizing people’s homes and properties, olive harvests, cutting down trees and others, in addition to daily arbitrary arrests, kidnapping people as hostages for ransom, and harassment of the population have become prevalent in this area.
Unleashing the chaos of the military and dozens of terrorist groups, is a deliberate Turkish policy; But it is being carried out by the “Syrian armed groups” under the name of the “Syrian National Army” of the Syrian Interim Government/Coalition, and all of this is taking place under the eyes and participation of the Turkish forces.
Since the Turkish incursion into Syria, the killing and wounding of 8,590 people / the dead 2,591 people / have been documented, while the number of detainees has reached 8,230 since the beginning of the Turkish incursion into northern Syria, about 5,530 of them have been released, while the fate of the rest is still unknown.

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