Afrin Antiquities Directorate: The Turkish occupation destroyed the archaeological layers and architectural structures of the Sultan Barbush and Katakh hills with heavy vehicles in the countryside of Afrin.
The Turkish occupation authorities and their armed militias continue to carry out sabotage excavations in the archaeological hills, in which Afrin is famous for its richness and diversity of historical layers, with the aim of looting archaeological finds and distorting the history of the region according to what suits the interests of the Turkish occupation.
The Directorate of Antiquities of Afrin confirmed that the archaeological hills Sultan Barbush – Katakh” were subjected to large excavations and bulldozing operations with heavy machinery, according to satellite images taken during 2018, 2019 and 2020, with separate reports published on its official account on Facebook.
Where the first picture that was taken of Tell shows a group of people gathered around a heavy machinery (a crawler bulldozer) and it is working on the foot of the hill from the western end, and it is destroying and sabotaging the archaeological layers.
While the other pictures show the expansion of the excavations and their extension to the low city east of the hill and the increase in its depths, and the opening of several ways for the ascent and descent of the mechanisms.
While the pictures taken of Tell Sultan Barboush show it being exposed to sabotage excavations with heavy machinery on the Acropolis, the sabotage of the archaeological layers, the destruction of archaeological finds and the architectural structures contained in these layers, and the uprooting of many trees that surrounded the religious shrine located on its western slope, one of which was a perennial oak tree next to the shrine on the other side. Southern.
While the excavations and bulldozing destroyed the entire area of ​​the archaeological hill Katakh, and the archaeological layers and architectural facilities that contain it, while the archaeological discoveries were looted, stolen and exported to Turkish lands, and the olive trees planted on the surface of the hill were brutally uprooted.
The directorate indicated that it was not aware of the depth of these excavations, and the areas affected by the acts of sabotage, and nothing was known about the nature of the materials and pieces extracted from the hill, and how they were disposed of by the Turkish occupation authorities.
Noting the difficulty of documenting events periodically to tighten the guard on these sites and impose the maximum penalties on people who document these sabotage acts of the Turkish occupation and its armed militias.
Shara / Sharan district.
Tell Sultan Barbush is located 25 km northwest of the city of Afrin, and 2 km northwest of the town of Mobata / Maabatli. It is registered in the records of the Syrian Antiquities Directorate by Resolution 244 / A in 1981 archaeological blocks and on its western slope there is a religious shrine for the Alawite sect.
As for Tell Katakh, it is located 17 km northwest of the city of Afrin, and it is one of the hills registered with the Syrian government by Resolution 244/A issued by the Ministry of Culture and the Syrian Antiquities Directorate in 1981.

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