17 civillians have arrested since the beginning of February, 2022 by the so called Natitional Army which is supported by Turkey: The armed groups which are supported by Turkey persist on arresting and kidnapping civillians so that the rate of arrest, violence and kidnapping people has remarkably risen up in the occupied area of Afrin and all the other areas in the north of Syria which are under the control of the Turkish armed forces regardless of all the calls to to put an end to their violations and kidnapping people in order to get ransoms and preventing their relatives from knowing the places or the reasons of their arrest without any just trial or a chance for hiring a lawyer.Since the beginning of the current year, the areas under the control of Turkey have witnessed the arrest of 69 people whom we were able to register their names, whereas the actual number is much bigger especially that some them are not mentined by their relatives for fear of punishment in addition to some other cases which we were unable to reach. Two people were also killed under torture. It is noteworthy the those areas have been witnessing daily organised looting operations and seizing people’s houses and properties, cutting off olive trees and arrests.Releasing deliberate military chaos of armed groups has been a policy adopted by the Turkish state although all this is done by the hands of the so called National Syrian Army affiliated with the Syrian Temporary government/ coalition, but everything is done under the supervision of the Turkish forces.Since the beginning of Turkish invasion we have documented the killing of 2591 people and arresting 8590 others of whom 5530 have been released whereas the destiny of all the others is still unknown.

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