Lawlessness and Conscience Under the Turkish Occupation The mayors of the following villages: Konde Khalil (Khalil Kolko), Izzat Khelo, Alkana Faisal Khairo, Haji Bilal Jeker Bilal, pressure the owners of agricultural tractors to pay an amount of 15 thousand Syrian pounds every month for a water tanker for more than a year and a half for the benefit of the Al-Amashat faction led by the invited Mohammed Jassim Abu Amsha. The al-Amashat members, on orders from Muhammad Jassem Abu Amsha, planted mines around the entire village of Khalil (Khalil Kolko), a few meters away from the houses, which made the people afraid to go to their fields or graze their livestock. On Wednesday, January 19, 2022, the military police kidnapped each of the following people in Shadireh village, in the Janders district. 1 _ Kamal Habib 2_ Ahmed Habib 3_ Idris Sharaf On charges of compulsory service with the previous administration, they were released on Saturday 05/02/2022 after forcing them to pay a ransom between 300-500 dollars. Also, members of the Sham Legion faction kidnapped the citizen Muhyiddin Kojo from Iska village of Jindires district. On Thursday 27/01/2022, the Turkish occupation intelligence and the military police kidnapped two elderly citizens, who are: 1_Hassan Hamadeh, 75 years old 2_Adnan Ismail Arabo, 70 years old The accusation of providing material support to the previous administration (Alicari). Their fate is still unknown. On Tuesday 08/02/2022 noon, the Sultan Murad faction members kidnapped the following: 1_ Ahmed Mustafa Jaafar, 48 years old 2_ Kamal Rashid Jaafar, 47 years old And by storming the village of Qutan, belonging to the Bulbul district, with four cars, on charges of dealing with the previous administration, and their fate is still unknown. Human rights organization in Afrin 09/02/2022

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