Yesterday morning, Wednesday 2/2/2022, the military police militia kidnapped a Kurdish woman in a village in Mobata/Maabatli district, on charges of working in the former self-administration institutions.
According to Afrin Post sources, gunmen from the militia controlling the village of Katakh / Hayateh, kidnapped the citizen Asia Ahmed Haider and took her to an unknown destination.
On /28/06/2021, Asia was arrested by the “military police” militia in her home in the village of Katakh in the Ma’batli district, and she was taken to the militia’s headquarters in the district center, to be released three days after her arrest, after the Her family paid a ransom of two thousand Turkish liras to the militia.
The Kurdish girl was beaten and tortured during her detention at the militia headquarters, and she returned to her home in a deplorable condition.
In the early days of the occupation in 2018, Asia was also arrested by Turkish intelligence agents, and spent about a month at that time in detention, and also came out for a ransom.
January 2022 witnessed the registration of 40 arbitrary arrests of indigenous people by the Turkish occupation authorities, against the background of flimsy political accusations.

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