Violations of the so-called Syrian National Army factions in the village of Qêsim Rajo district in the occupied countryside of Afrin
It belongs to Rajo district and is 9 km away from its center. It consists of about 100 houses, and there were about 600 indigenous Kurdish residents, of whom 40 families 175 people remained, and the rest were forcibly displaced, and about 40 families were settled. 250 people recruited there, in addition to ten tents for the families of sheep breeders 60 people, set up on land belonging to the Suleiman Deko family, south of the village.
Because of the war, the houses of Nawras Sabri Bilal, Othman Mustafa Bilal were completely destroyed and 15 houses were partially destroyed, and after their invasion of the village, the Ahrar al-Sharqiya militia stole all the contents of the seized houses, and many of the homes of the remaining families, including mattresses, supplies and cylinders Gas, copper utensils, electrical tools and equipment, etc., as well as an electrical generating set for pumping water for “Muhy El-Din Mustafa Bilal” and equipment(5) other artesian wells belonging to the people of the village, and all the equipment of the drinking water pumping station located between the three villages Qasim, Sheikh, Deek and Bab Her room, a transformer and a section of the public electricity network cables, landline telephone network cables, water meters from homes, motorcycles, in addition to 5_ cars and 5 agricultural tractors that were recovered by their owners after paying royalties, and a jeep for Taher Suleiman.
in Afrin.
It took over the building of an olive press in the village junction, and imposed 40% of the olive seasons production belonging to the absentees, and a different amount on the property of the remaining.
I dug and excavated archaeological sites Khrabeh Ehiko, south of the village, Dodara, east of the village with heavy machinery, searching for and stealing antiquities and buried treasures; It also cut down many coniferous and natural forests and perennial oak trees in the vicinity of the village and in the mountains located between the three villages Qasim, Sheikh, and Dik in addition to fires that were set in them, and in the cemetery as well; Dozens of olive trees were cut unjustly from the trunks and hundreds of them. There is overgrazing of livestock between olive fields and agricultural lands, without any of the people daring to prevent it. in the graveyard
The remaining residents were subjected to various types of violations, including kidnapping, arbitrary arrests, insults and material extortion. Dozens, including women, were arrested on charges of affiliation with the former Autonomous Administration, and were released after imposing fines on them.
As a result of the explosion of landmines left over from the war in the village and among the agricultural lands, martyrs fell from the villagers:

  • Ahmed Muhammad Sheikho, 36 years old, dated 27.3.2018 AD.
    Jamal Sheikho bin Hajj Hamid, 58 years old, dated May 18, 2018.
  • Ismat Habash Hanan Deco, 40 years old, on 15.9.2018.
  • Amina Hussein Mamo, 60 years old, on 30.9.2020 AD.
    Source: Human Rights Organization – Afrin

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