Today, Saturday, the Afrin Post correspondent reported that the Turkish occupation militias prevented media professionals from covering the effects of the missile bombing on the center of the occupied city of Afrin, on Thursday, January 20, to keep them away from their theft of stands, shops and homes.
And the Abu El-Eis Kafeen group, affiliated with the Syrian Front militia, attacked media workers who were filming the bombing and the wounded, and prevented them from covering the event and the attacks of its members, who were exploiting the chaos and panic as a result of the missile shelling and stealing.
Abu El-Eis gunmen were stealing stands and shops on Al-Seyassah Street and Old Afrin Street, and the houses that were damaged and destroyed by the bombing, coinciding with the evacuation of the dead and wounded from under the rubble.
Afrin Post learned that the offices of relief organizations in the city of Afrin compensated only the settlers who were affected by the missile shelling, without providing any compensation or assistance to the children and residents of Afrin who were also affected.
On the other hand, the Abu El-Eis group imposed a royalty of 50 Turkish liras per month on each store under the pretext of protection in a matter similar to what the Economic Office of the Syrian Front militia imposed on the shops of the Industrial Area in Afrin, where it imposed a 50 lira royalty. Turkish in every shop.

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