The Levant Front defrauded a 70-year-old Kurdish man and imprisoned him in Azaz… after forcing him to sign bonds worth $52,000.
On December 31, 2021, the Turkish occupation police in the Shara / Sharran district center in the countryside of Afrin arrested the Kurdish citizen “Aref Muhammad bin Sheikh Muhammad”, 70 years old, from his home in the village of Kafr Jannah, and took him to the prisons of the occupation in the occupied city of Azaz. On charges of evading allegedly paying financial dues to a gunman from the Syrian Front militia affiliated with Ankara, according to private sources, according to Afrin Post.
The sources pointed out that the elderly Arif from the village of Alamdara, was living alone in the house of his absent brother in the village of Kafr Jannah, and after the occupation of Afrin region on March 18, 2018, he settled a family from the city of Tel Rifaat in the large house villa to help him in Taking care of plants.
However, after a period of time disputes arose between the Kurdish elderly man and the settlers, which prompted him to expel them from the house, so the settlers took revenge on him by burning his warehouse, which caused the burning of ten thousand dollars worth of goods that were stacked in the warehouse.
The sources added that Uncle Arif then went to the occupation court in the city of Azaz, and met at the entrance with a person who claimed to be a lawyer and he promised him that he would take care of opening the case before the court and defending him.
It later became clear that the alleged person was a member of the Levant Front militia, who somehow forced him to sign four trust bonds (the value of each one being $13,000), as being his partner in the vineyards he owns, and then he was arrested on charges of evading payments. mentioned in those bonds.
And the Levant Front strongly supports the fraudster and threatens the judiciary with the consequences of releasing him, according to what the sources confirmed to.
Afrin Post.

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