Actions and Practices of the Syrian National Army First, the militia members of the Samarkand Brigade, who are in control of the village of Kafr Safra, Janders district, raided on Saturday 08/01/2022 the house of Khaled Adnan, nicknamed “Ado,” because of an artificial quarrel between his minor son _ Muhammad _ and another child of the settlers, and After the intervention of the second eldest boy, of the citizen Khaled, and the quarrel between the two children ended, the family of the settler child informed the Free Syrian National Army, which responded to their distress, and they raided and kicked the child Muhammad in front of his family’s eyes, which necessitated his transfer to someone Medical hospitals as a result of a hernia in the testicle and bruises throughout his body. Secondly – Ahrar al-Sharqiya militia members in Rajo district on Saturday, 08/01/2022 kidnapped the young Ismat Ahmed Abdo, 25 years old, from the village of Baadina, without mentioning the reasons, and took him to the militia’s security headquarters, asking for a ransom of 1 million Syrian pounds in exchange. his release. Thirdly – On Thursday, 01/06/2022, members of the Military Police militia in the district of Jindires kidnapped four citizens from the village of Jalma, on charges of dealing with the previous administration and standing guard, and they are: 1_ Jihad Barakat 2_ Khabat Muhammad Habash 3 _ Ali Mustafa Habash 4_ Mohamed Sobhi Hamo They were taken to the military headquarters, demanding their families to pay the ransom in exchange for their release. The parents of three of them were able to pay the ransom amount and release them, while the fate of the young Mohammed Sobhi Hamo is still unknown. Fourth – Militia elements of Major General Muhammad Al-Fateh, who control the village of Ma’amala Oshaghi – Rajo district, kidnapped two citizens of the village on Tuesday 04/01/2022 on charges of standing guard during guard duty during the previous administration’s authority, and they are: 1_ Abd al-Rahman Kuliko, 70 years old. 2_ Daoud Zainy, 50 years old. They were released the next day after collecting a ransom of 1,200 Turkish liras for each person. Fifthly – On Sunday, 02/01/2022, members of the Army of Islam militia, affiliated with the Syrian “national” army, kidnapped the young man Hussein Muhammad, 24, from his home located in the Ashrafieh neighborhood in Afrin, on charges of dealing with the previous administration and taking him to an unknown destination without knowing his fate. Until now . Noting that the young Hussein was previously interrogated more than ten times in front of the militias and armed gangs with their various names affiliated with the Syrian “national” army. Sixth – after the return of the young Joan Hajj Rashid, 24 years old, from the people of Alamdar village – Rajo district, to his village in early last December 2021, he went to the security headquarters of the Sham Legion militia located in the town of Akbis Square to settle his administrative and legal status in order to extract the card The character Al-Hawiya is from the local council of the sub-district, but the security forces arrested the young man on charges of standing guard shifts and handed him over to the military police in the district center and then transferred him to Ma’arat prison in Afrin for the purpose of material extortion and collecting the ransom in exchange for his release. Seventh – The so-called Muhammad Al-Jassem, nicknamed Abu Amsha, the leader of the so-called militia of Sultan Suleiman Shah Al-Amshat, imposed a sum of $2,000 on the young Hassan Rifaat Arab, without mentioning the reasons and threatening him with beatings and kidnappings in the event of non-compliance with the decision. These inhumane acts and practices which is a confirmation of what we have discussed during the past years are carried out by the armed militias called the Syrian national army, the military front of the National Coalition for the forces of the revolution and the Syrian opposition, and under the systematic directives of the Turkish occupation forces, aiming to fight the indigenous population The Kurds by various means and pressure on them in order to displace them and seize their homes and properties, and urge them to protect and help the settlers by providing them with basic services and not to hold them accountable for the acts and crimes they commit together, including theft, robbery, armed robbery, cattle grazing and cutting down trees and attacks on Kurdish citizens. We also called on the representatives of the Kurdish people within the Syrian coalition to activate the committees that were formed to follow up on the various practices, inhumane violations and crimes committed in the Kurdish areas under the control of their representatives with the so-called “national” Syrian army, and to propose effective solutions to stop them and convey the true picture away from fraud and Distortion to international bodies through their numerous meetings. We also urge them to publish in their media sites and central newspapers for each representative. Human rights organization in Afrin 12/01/2022

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