The actions and practices of the Syrian National Army between the past and the present
The elements and leaders of the armed militias affiliated with the Syrian National Army, the military front of the National Coalition for the Forces of the Revolution and the Syrian Opposition, are still carrying out various inhumane acts and practices, including theft, robbery, and appropriation of the property of the Kurdish indigenous population in the Afrin region without legal, moral or religious deterrence, despite From the appointment of the Grand Mufti, “Sheikh Osama Al-Rifa’i,” who is considered a religious authority for the Syrian Interim Government and the opposition forces in general.
The oldest security official in the Hamzat militia, called Tariq Jourieh, nicknamed Abu Ammar (from the Baba Omar neighborhood – the city of Homs al-Adiya, the cradle of the elite of the free revolutionaries), and through one of his security elements called Abu Hamza, who is within the security sector of the village of Shuraba – Maabatli district, by seizing the Dozens of hectares of agricultural land in the middle of olive fields owned by the Kurdish indigenous people in the town of Maidanki – Sharan district, and cultivation of dry grains “wheat – barley – chickpeas” without the consent of the people, and despite the citizens’ complaints before the Committee for the Restitution of Rights and Grievances, they did By threatening the farmers to withdraw their complaint or accusing them of dealing with the previous administration and kidnapping them, in addition to offering partnership offers with them with the return of the season to prevent loss under the “halal and forbidden” debt sign. This and we have obtained some names of the owners of the olive fields who are in the town, and others who have agencies from their owners, and they are:
1 _ Seydou Seydou Bin Rashid Hajj Qadri 100 olive trees.
2 _ Hussein Sheikh Othman bin Muhammad 20 olive trees.
3 _ Farouk Khalil 120 olive trees.
4_ Muhammad Amir 220 olive trees.
5 _ Muhammad Ali, the height of 278 olive trees.
6 _ Muhammad Ali Hashino 220 olive trees.
7 _ Othman Hashino 125 olive trees.
If the seized area is estimated to be more than ten hectares of agricultural land in the middle of the fields, and they have also seized more than 40 hectares among the fields of the people forcibly displaced from the town, some of them are detained in the Al-Shahba area and others are in the city of Aleppo and Europe.
On the other hand, on Saturday 01/01/2022, members of the Syrian National Army cut down 12 olive trees from the field owned by Idris Sheikh Othman, located in the western side of the village on the Dam Road near the military checkpoint.
Note that we had previously mentioned, during the month of October of 2019, to the theft of Tariq Jourieh and the imposition of a royalty on each olive tree in each of the following villages: “Bulbul _ Beaulieu _ Shengila _ Beka _ Kotanli _ Abla _ Qara Kol” and the theft of the olive crop to the displaced people He also imposed 10% of the olive harvest on the people in their villages. We also indicated, during the month of March 2021, that a number of leaders of the Syrian National Army in the militias of “Sultan Murad – Men of War – Sham Legion – Elite” seized more than 10,000 olive trees in the town of Maidanki, owned by 47 families.
Human rights organization in Afrin

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