Al-Hamzat militia imposes a royalty of 5,000 dollars on a citizen of the village of Al-Basouta in the countryside of Afrin. Members of the Al-Hamza Division” militia, led by the so-called Abdullah Halawa,” imposed at gunpoint a royalty of 5,000 US dollars on the citizen “Ali Khaled” from the Dakeeh family in the village of Al-Basouta, south of Afrin.
The Al-Hamza Division militia gave the “Dakieh” family five days to pay the royalty, threatening to kill them if the royalty was not paid, noting that the Dakieh family had previously paid the Hamza militia 30 million Syrian pounds in exchange for not being exposed to them and returning their car. which was seized by force of arms.
It is worth mentioning that the so-called “Halawa,” the leader of the “Al-Hamza Division” militia, was based in the village of Al-Basouta as a center for the manufacture of narcotic pills and a headquarters for his trade and smuggling operations to and from the areas of the Syrian regime.

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