He died forcibly from the oppression of the revolutionaries of the “Freedom and Dignity Revolution”
Citizen Mustafa Obaid Sheikho “Obeid Safieh,” nicknamed Abu Abdeen, 65 years old, from the village of Barka – Ma’batli district, lost his life on Monday, 22/11/2021, due to a stroke after being bedridden for four days, due to members of the Levant Front militia, the “National Army.” The Free Syrian “who controlled the village, harvested the olive crop from his field located near the village of Hassieh at the site called “Bish Buraq” on Wednesday, 17/11/2021, which contains more than 150 olive trees, and transported the crop with an agricultural tractor to the mill by force of arms without The possibility of deterring them and the futility of submitting a complaint against them to the concerned authorities colluding with them, the “civil and military police,” knowing that the settlers, with the complicity of the Free Syrian National Army, stole and robbed the “armed robbery” of his house, utensils and electrical tools, two months ago. Cell phones of family members by force of arms, and despite the complaint against them before the civil police and the protest against the complicity of the armed men with them, the complaint did not take its natural course of taking any legal measures against the armed thieves.
Human rights organization in Afrin

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