The World Children’s Day:
Turkey and the so- called opposition factions caused the death of 341 children and arrest of 108 others. The center of documenting violations in in north- east of Syria said that it could document the martyrdom of 198 children and 309 others injured since the beginning of the Turkish invasion of Afrin on January 20, 2018, and the military campaign east of Euphrates on October 9, 2019 till November 20, 2021.
This was mentioned in a report by the center on the occasion of the world children’ day.
The report documented the killing 96 children under the age of 16 by the The Turkish gendarmes on the Syrian border who were accompanying their families seeking refuge in Turkey fleeing from the on going battles in their country for more than 8 years, in addition to killing of 67 women out of 511 refugees who have been killed snce March, 2011.
Also 19 children were killed during the attack on Afrin, and 35 were injured among wom some had lost some of their body organs.
25 children were killed during the bombardment of Tel – Rfa’ at and Ras – al- Ayin regions. The center also documented compelling 43 under age girls to marry armed members of the military factions either by threatening them or blackmailing their families. Five of them were from the town of Jarablus and 4 from each of Azaz an al- Bab towns. The center also documented the usurpation of 22 women by the leaders of military factions. Some of the women were under the age of 18. Also 7 cases of killing women for ” honour” reasons were registered. Four of those cases were committed by leaders of pro Turkey al- Amshat faction, Al – Hamzat squad.
It is noteworthy that the world celebrates the 20th of November each year as the world children’s day, demanding that children should be given their proper rights without any violation.

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