” Al- Majd legion” militia blackmail the natives and impose royalties on the production of olive oil in the region under their control in Afrin..
The Islamic militia occupying the Kurdish region of Afrin continue cutting off olive trees belonging to the people of Afrin who have been deported by force so that to trade with their wood..
The ” Afrin Post” reporter mentioned that armed elements cut off 40 olive trees out of 130 trees owned by the deported Kurdish citizen, Zaki Haydar Ibrahim, a resident of the village of Tredeh south of Afrin.. He added that cutting off trees is still going on in that same field which lies on the road of ( al – Tarfik) near the irrigation channel between the village of kibar and the center of Afrin.
This has happened just after several days of cutting tens of olive trees belonging to the citizen, Nouri Khalil by the militia of ( al- Hamzat legion) in the vilkage of ( Astir), north east of Afrin.

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