The so called ” Abu Amsha” distributes members of his terroristic group on olive presses so as to collect imposed royalties in the district of Shieh, Afrin. In the context of plundering being carried out by the Islamic militia in the occupied Kurdish region of Afrin, Suleiman Shah militia,. ( Al Amshat), continue plundering olive oil through imposing royalties on olive orchards owners. The (Afrin Post) reporter mentioned that Abu Amsha, head of Al Amshat militia, imposed royalties on olive press owners as two gallons versus five for the owner himself. The reporter also added that the militia forced the owners to pay two dollars for each gallon. The above- mentioned militia armed members mentioned that Abu Amsha has appointed two armed members for each olive press in the area under his cotrol just for collecting royalty for their ” master”, Abu Amsha. It is also noteworthy that the” Monitor Site ” published a report on July 22, about the involvement of Al Amshat militia in serious violations of human rights in Afrin including kidnapping people and carrying ethnic cleansing and forcing olive farmers to pay a fixed share of their crops to the militia. The report also alluded that the economical prosperity that Abu Amsha enjoys is the result of many sources one of which is the control over check points which impose taxes on trade vehicles which pass through those points, and the other source is the olive oil.Vertaling weergeven

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