Members of the “Al-Hamza Division” steal a shepherd’s sheep and severely beat him in Shirawa district in Afrin countryside. Aleppo Province: The activists of the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reported that members of the Turkish-backed “Hamza Division” stole 50 sheep belonging to a shepherd who was tending them between the villages of Kimar, which are under the control of the “National Army” and Al-Mayassa, which is under the control of the Kurdish forces, in Sherawa district, in the northern countryside of Afrin. Gharbi, and they also severely beat him, and in the city of Afrin, members of the “Al-Hamza Division” expelled a widowed citizen from the village of Jwaiq from her brother’s house, where the furniture of the house was seized and one of the families of the faction members lived in the house.
Yesterday, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights referred to a security campaign carried out by the Turkish-backed factions in Afrin countryside, where a military police patrol launched on November 1, a campaign of raids and arrests in the villages of Amara and Kamrouk in Maabatli district in Afrin countryside, north of Aleppo, and arrested three civilians, two of them From the village of Kamrouk and the other from the village of Amara, on charges of going out on guard shifts during the “Autonomous Administration” control of the city of Afrin, and took the detainees to its security centers. The source of the Syrian Observatory

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