Faylaq al-Sham mercenaries kidnapped 14 Kurdish citizens, including women from Iska village in Shirawa district.

A special source reported to our network that on 3/11/2021, the “Al-Sham Legion” mercenaries of the Turkish occupation kidnapped “14” Kurdish citizens from the village of Iska in the Sherawa district of the occupied city of Afrin, including women and the kidnapped are:

_ Benfsh Omar Ibish 50 years old

Assum Hanan, 50 years old

Muhammad Ali Othman, 24 years old

Hassan ibo Ibish, 50 years old Bakr Nuri Barakat, 30 years old

_ Salah Nuri Salah 40 years old

Fadel Abdel Rahmman, 30 years old

Walid Haider Mamo, 45 years old (photo)

Masoud Ibrahim Mamo, 40 years old Adnan Omar Ibo 56 years old

_ Jamal Muhammad Alo, 35 years old

_ Ahmed Majid Ramo, 35 years old

_ Hassan Samir Bazoor, 23 years old

_ Bishwar Sobhi, 30 years old, and the kidnapped were taken to an unknown destination, and their fate is still unknown.

5.11.2021 Afrin Activists Network “AAN

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