Three Kurdish teachers kidnapped in the district of Ma’abatle:The Civil Police militia elements kidnapped three Kurdish teachers on Sunday, 17 / 10 / 2021, in the district of Ma’abatle. The teachers are from the villages of the district. They were accused of teaching during the rule of the previous de facto Kurdish administration. They are :_Aliaa Mustapha, 27 years, resident of the village pf Mist Ashur(she was released after being forced to pay a ransom as a fee 1300 Turkish liras). _Mizgin Muhammad, 28 years, resident of the village of Bireimge. _ Suzan Fadel, 33 years, resident of the village of Bireimge. The three teachers were taken to the security center of the district in order to be taken to the Afrin court where they were ought to be fined with monetary sums ( 1200 _ 1500 TL). It is noteworthy that the fate of the two othe teachers is still unknown till now after releasing the third teacher, Aliaa. This is on the one hand, on the other hand, the armed militia working under the name of ” the Free Syrian National Army” with all their different names, continue fighting the Afrin original natives economically and exercise pressure against them and acuusing them withe different false charges so that the remaining people also find no other way than migrating and leaving theor houses behind. In this connection, more than 20 people have been summoned up from the villages of Ma’amall Ochagee with purpose of being financially blackmailed, paying ransoms and to be terrif

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