One of the methods adopted by the Free Syrian National Army to support the revolution of freedom and dignity
Assault, robbery,
1 _ On Friday, /8/10/2021, a group of members of the Sham Legion militia controlling the village of Jaqmaq Saghir attacked the citizen Horik Daoud from the village of Zarka _ Rajo district, and brutally beat him, which led to the breaking of one of the vertebrae of his ribs, during Guarding his field at the top of Mount Bilal al-Habashi, confiscating his licensed hunting rifle and stealing his cell phone. After he became aware of one of the aggressors, he filed a complaint against him at the military headquarters in the village of Janglia, but to no avail. The same group also stole and looted the olive fruits of more than 100 trees owned by Ahmed Mustafa from the village of Jaqmaq Saghir.

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