Before the start of the season, “Suqur Al-Shamal Brigade” militia destroys the crop of 17,000 olive trees in Bulbul district…
Afrinpost – Exclusive
((Afrin Post))
learned from its sources in Bulbul / Bulbul district in the countryside of Afrin in northern Syria today, that the Suqur Al-Shamal militias affiliated with the Turkish occupation and the Muslim Brotherhood have completely destroyed the crops of thousands of olive trees belonging to the area’s displaced and which the militia has seized.
The sources pointed out that the militia had harvested and looted the crops of 17,000 olive trees belonging to the people of the following villages (Aboudan, Zitunak, Qarnah and Shikhorzih), even though the harvest season had not yet come.
The militia had opened an art press (which was seized) in the village of Aboudan for the purpose of pressing the crops that were seized as well as those fruits that were stolen by the settlers.
In a related context, members of the Al-Hamza Division militia cut down dozens of forest trees and olive trees, in the area between the villages of Kaze and Satia – Mabata/Maabatli district, in order to sell their firewood in the local markets.

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