( Sultan Murad) militia threaten the Kurdish farmer in the village of Kotana because he had presented a complaint about stealing his olive crop. The above mentioned militia, affiliated to Turkey, about a week ago, harvested and took the olive crop from the Kurdish farmer’s farm in the village of Kotana, district of Bilbile according to reporter of Afrin Post in the region who mentioned that the militia had plundered about 60 olive tree belonging to the citizen,
” Ahmed Muhammad” who had complained to the Turkish occupation authorities, but the militia forced him to withdraw his complaint, or he would be harmed.
It is noteworthy that (Sultan Murad) militia, headed by ” Fadi Deiri” seizes 37 thousand olive tree from the total 87 thousand olive tree in the village and pose a tax of 15% from the production.
The militia had also cut offabout 300 olive tree belonging to ” Seydo Cholaq, the Horo family Mustafa Arif” and others. They had also cut off about a hundred almond tree belonging to “Amir Rashid Cholaq” in the mountain of Qazindepe and cut off 90% of the forest trees of ” the drilking water well” at the entrance of the village as well as all the forests of ” pire Seiling” opposite the crossroads of Quara Gule “, Ard Aloush east of Kotana, Markhe Chichakle, Akeilieh and Markhe Sheikhmous next to the Islamic Qimeh Shrine north east of the village. Moreover, the militia also seize the modern olivepress belonging to the citizen Hanif Suleiman in spite of his presence in Afrin and his frequent requests to retain it although ” the grievance responce committee ” has visited the village knowing that the olivepree productivity is estimated to be about tens of thousands of dollars in a period of three years. The militia have also seized “al- Buhaira” restaurant belonging to the same person in the forest of Jabal Meidanke and changed it to a military center after stealing all its contents. Also most of the shops and an olivepress belonging to Mustafa Arif, and about 200 houses of which some belong to Ramzi Ibo, Muhammad Mannan and Bahri Rasho, have been seized by the same militia. All those propertis haven’t been given back to their owners although they have come back to the village since 2018, while their families stay with their relatives

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