The Turkish occupation militias affiliated with the Muslim Brotherhood follow the method of family kidnapping, to include the wife, children and minors as well, in parallel with concealing information about the kidnapped from the families in order to increase pressure and force them to pay ransoms.
The report of the Independent International Commission of Inquiry on Syria, which was issued on Tuesday 14/09/2021, drew a very important issue, in Article 87, which reads: Women and girls are usually detained either at the same time with their male relatives or after the detention of their husbands.
Dozens of women were arrested in Afrin, and some of them spent long periods in detention, and were subjected to various types of torture and abuse, and some of them were subjected to sexual harassment, and even rape, according to the testimonies of prison survivors. torture.
However, a large number of arrests or kidnappings of women took place after the arrest or kidnapping of one of the family men, and the aim was to inflict the greatest psychological harm on the detainees and extort them, and the paradox is that women, according to the beliefs of the militants and the customs of their societies, have sanctity, rather it is called “sanctity.” However, they do not They observe any sanctity for the citizens of Afrin.
She wanted to visit her detained husband, but they arrested her
On 13/09/2021, members of the “Political Security” militia arrested a Kurdish citizen, Farida Mustafa (28 years), from the village of Korka in Mobata district, while she was visiting her detained husband, on the pretext that her name was on the wanted list, and she was taken to an unknown destination. The citizen, Muhammad Abdul-Qader Sido, from the village of “Breimja” (husband of the citizen Farida), was kidnapped on 1/9/2021 at the Al-Qaws checkpoint, east of the occupied city of Afrin. Note that a unique citizen is the mother of two children

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