A leader in the Sultan Murad militia seizes 62 homes in the town of Bulbul alone… while the owners live for rent in the city of Afrin…
Since the Turkish occupation forces entered the occupied Afrin, it has become clear that the Kurds of Afrin have targeted the Kurds in an organized manner and sought to push the people of Afrin from the exclusively Kurdish component to forced displacement by seizing their property and carrying out kidnappings, arrests, systematic torture and enforced disappearance against them.
In this regard, AfrinPost obtained lists – which we refuse to publish for security reasons – and contain the names of more than 60 Kurdish citizens from the town of Bulbul – the district center – who were expelled by the Ajnad Homs Brigade militia led by Araba Idris from the village of Al-Mubarakiya. Homs countryside, from their homes and seizing them, in addition to stealing home furniture from those homes, destroying some of them, and turning a number of others into military headquarters.
Our correspondent in Bulbul district indicated that the citizens who were expelled from their homes were forced to rent homes from the National Army militias in Afrin with exorbitant amounts or to live with relatives in the neighboring villages, hoping to return to their homes, noting that the people submitted several complaints against the militia to The so-called Restoration of Rights committee, but it has not been heard, and the militia is still refusing to evacuate those houses on the pretext that they are property belonging to civilians dealing with the Autonomous Administration, in addition to considering them as spoils of war.
The Afrin Post had monitored the sale of civilian homes in Afrin canton, and affected the homes of the forcibly displaced people of Afrin, where a gunman from the Syrian Front militia sold the house of the Kurdish citizen Muhammad Habash for $1,200, and the oldest settler from Hayyan town sold A house for the Kurdish citizen Ahmed Fahim from the people of Qibar for the amount of 1400 dollars, and an armed member of the “Hamzat” militia refused to return the house of the citizen “Mohammed Shukri” located in the Hakim building, despite submitting a complaint to the so-called Committee for the Restitution of Rights which consists of Most of them are from the National Army militia factions, which are committing violations against the people of Afrin.

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