The tasks of the Syrian regime’s checkpoints at the entrances to the Kurdish neighborhoods in the city of Aleppo.
We talked a while ago about the persecution of the Syrian regime in its various military, security and financial sectors for merchants and industrialists in the city of Aleppo and the seizure of their money and property under false pretexts, and for this they continue to harass civilians in general and small merchants and craftsmen among them in particular for the purpose of material extortion and collecting money. Taxes and financial fines, and from this point of view, a number of security measures were taken at the entrances to residential neighborhoods with a Kurdish majority and to inspect private and commercial “service” cars belonging to food traders and industrialists in order to impose taxes on goods and industrial tools “fabrics, iron, wood.” _ Plastic” and collecting royalties in exchange for allowing their passage. Rather, they impose taxes on mobile phones and confiscate them, and they tighten the screws on exchange offices and raid them in search of foreign currencies “dollars _ euros” to confiscate them after canceling licenses for exchange offices and money transfers and limiting the operations of Buying and selling “acquisition from the Central Bank

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