The “Military Police” militia arrested five Kurdish citizens from the village of Jalma. As part of the policy of harassing Kurdish citizens in the occupied Kurdish region of Afrin, the Military Police militia arrested five citizens of the village of Jalma, without a clear charge.
AfrinPost learned from its sources that on Monday 6/9/2021 members of the “Military Police” militia, affiliated with the Turkish occupation, arrested five citizens from the village of Jalma in Janders/Jenderes district. The charges against them were not known. The arrested citizens are:
Rachid Mohamed Benfasha Omar (30 years old), Hassan Sobhi Kanjo (48 years old), his brother Kanjo Sobhi Kanjo Omar (28 years old), Jiro Mustafa Jiro.
The sources stated that the citizen “Jiro Mustafa” was released on the same day after paying a ransom, while the three citizens were taken to Afrin Central Prison, located in the village of Maratha.
The sources added that the “Military Police” militia, in coordination with the “Al-Sham Legion” militiamen, arrested more than a week ago the Kurdish citizen Hanan Sefu from the village of Jalma, and his fate is still unknown.
On 15/8/2021, the village of Jalma witnessed that the “Military and Civil Police” militia arrested the citizen Joan Mustafa Sheikho, 20, and his sister, Rokan, 22, and Haitham Sheikho Sheikho, 40, who were handed over to the Turkish intelligence branch in the city of Jindires, and their fate is still unknown. Even today.
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