” Kuwait the Mercy” is a residential settlement which serves the goals of Turkek represented in carrying out demographic change in Afrin.
Turkey has failed in convincing all the states of the European Union and also the United States as well as the the United Nations to secure the required financing to build settlements in the areas under its occupation in the north of Syria, the fact which made Turkey give way to the organizations close to “Muslim Brothers” to intensify their activities in those areas exploiting people’s poverty and daily needs, so that those organizations finance projects through begging in order to build more settlements with the purpose of inhabiting families of the pro-Turkey armed elements who have been brought there in order to fight as mercenaries in favour of Turkey wherever necessary
because providing a house for a mercenary means an incentive to fight in any place.
One of the associations, namely ” World Mercy Association” has recently finished building a settlement on the Syrian- Turkish border, on a land owned by a family that has been deported by force.
The settlement was named
” Kuwait the Mercy” in the framework of establishing a group of settlements with the aim of sheltering the mercenaries’ families.
Head of the office of Syria and Turkey in the above- mentioned association, Waleed As sweilim said that the village ” Kuwait the Mercy” includes 380 residential units, each consisting of two rooms, a bath and a kitchen.
The village also has a mosque and a center for keeping Quran by heart in addition to a medical center for treating patients and a shopping market. As Sweilim also claimed that ” the aim of building the Mercy Village has been to ease the sufferings of those people who have been displaced through providing them with suitable houses as to keep their
” honour” with the large increase in the numbers of displaced people and the invalidity of the camps where they are dwelling now besides the poor services unsuitable for a good living in their areas which are crowded with families and individuals.

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