Free Syrian National Army Scrap and drug dealers
This scrap trade in the whole of Afrin region, is controlled by the leaders of the influential, intrusive armed militias, and some of them trade drugs, hashish and narcotic pills, and we can call them “war merchants” because they secure their requirements by providing supply and supply lines in their areas of military control. And security and also contribute to the rise of their economies and personal benefits resulting from theft and looting of destroyed or ready-made electric cables, wires, copper tools, old pots and steel railways, which are assembled in equipped centers and transported to smelting factories to convert them into raw materials semi-manufactured, and the revival of the smuggling trade across the loose border. Noting that the Syrian crisis and the armed conflict it witnessed resulted in what we can call the term “shadow economies” on the ruins of wars and the collapse of infrastructure, especially in the electricity and water sectors.
Page: Lamaan Khalil

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