Between losing their legs and eyes to losing their brothers and loved ones… How did the Turkish raids turn the lives of Syrian children into a permanent hell? The girl Sarah Muhammad Hussein (7), who lost one of her legs and her brother was killed with her as a result of the Turkish artillery shelling that targeted her family’s house on October 10, 2019. The two children Muhammad and Juma’a Abdul Qadir are victims of the Turkish bombing that targeted a car carrying them on March 5, 2018 in Afrin
The report issued by the Violations Documentation Center in Syria @vdcnsy until August 2021 reveals an increase in violence and crime rates and incidents of factional fighting, and the occurrence of more explosions within areas controlled by Turkish forces in northern Syria, as well as the Turkish attack on areas that were classified as “stable, safe.” “East of the Euphrates, and the occupation of the cities of Ras al-Ain \ Ser Kani and Tel Abyad Gire Spi and the resulting humanitarian tragedies, displacing 375,000 of its residents, in addition to human rights violations, crimes of torture, arrests, field executions, seizure of real estate and property, indiscriminate shelling and the use of internationally prohibited weapons, in addition to implementing Field executions, and targeting of medical staff and journalists, contributed to the exacerbation of the situation and plunged the entire region into chaos, and things headed toward security chaos, the return of bombings, and assassinations.

The Turkish forces and the Syrian militias that support them continue to commit more violations, as 8,220 people were killed and injured / 2,497 people were killed / while the number of detainees reached 7,851 people since the beginning of the Turkish incursion into northern Syria, about 5,330 of them were released, while the fate of the rest is still unknown.

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