The European Parliament approves a recommendation to consider the Turkish nationalist
” Gray Wolves”, which has been active in the northern east of Syria, on the terrorism list, too.
The European Parliament has recently approved a report recommending to put the Turkish extavagant nationalist ( Gray Wolves) organization on the European list for terrorism. This step has come after 8 months of banning the above – mentioned organization in France.
The report, which was presented by Natchou Sanches Amour, the Socialist Party Spanish member in the European Parliament on 19 May, 2021, has mentioned :
” As for the Turkish government, any criticizm should be totally neglected by any means. That is quite legal and normal for any foreign community to have an effective role in Europe. But, the problem is that part of such a community acts politically by orders coming directly from Ankara. “
And violent event in members of the pro-Turkish authorities organization have been involved, have recently doubled up in Europe.
For instance, in July, 2020, members of the” Gray Wolves ” attacked pro – Kurdish demonstrators using stones and sound bombs in Vienna, the Austrian capital.
Before that event, in October, 2020, the French Armenian community was targeted and monuments resembling the Armenian genocide were destroyed. Also a number of European politicians who had previously denied the Turkish ” hostile stances on the International level” have been subject to annoyance and threats on the Social Media.
France banned the above – mentioned organization in November, 2020, and many German and Austrian members demanded for similar measures to be taken in their own coutries. Even with that, such prohibition can only have symbolic importance.
According to a European diplomat who has talked to the French ” Le express”, ( The “Gray Wolves” has no office or any legal existence in the European states), and putting them on the terrorism list will never put an end to their activities, but it could even make putting them under looks more difficult caused a huge detriment in April 2020 by attacking a cultural area in Leon where four people were injured – all of them were Kurds.
The Turkish
” Gray Wolves” organization invades the children’s schools in the north of Aleppo, and day by day, the Turkish harmful and negative roles become clearer in the areas occupied by the Turkisk forces. Those areas which Turkey has always sought to change their demographic, social and cultural construction through destroying the local social values and imposing new ones instead,
this time, through the
” gate” of orphans, so that a video shows that during opening an orphanage in the village of “Kutanli” , the
” Bulbul” locality, in Afrin, children’s teachers and supervisors were teaching and training how to raise the ” Gray Wolves” sign. It is noteworthy that the school is funded by the ” Euphrates and Yusawwi Turkish charity Associations”, and was opened by the Syrian Turkmen council together with the Turkish government, and the ” Gray Wolves”, one of the extravagant Turkish movements working under the patronage of previousTurkish detectives or previous Turkish military contractors, this organization is well known as an extreme, fascist and nationalist movement which believes in the supremacy of the “Turkish race”, and that all the otber races and peoples should be annihilated or melted within the “Turkish race”. This organization has been involved in terroristic operations such as the explosions in Bangkok which where 20 people were killed, and that same organization was accused of trying to assasinate the Pope, John poles, the second. It was also responsible for a number of assassination and killing more than 700 personalities most of whom were communists, Kurds, Alevis and Armenians. And in 1977, it carried out a massacre against the Alevis and about a thousand students were kilked in Istanbul university.

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