A Turkish organization is collecting donations in Germany in order to build settlements in Afrin and North of Syria:The Turkish Deteb Assembly has declared a campaign for collecting donations in German cities to be sent to the ( Turkish Diyanet Ministry) for the purpose of building settlement in the Syrian ocuupied areas by the Turkish army including Afrin within a wider plan carried out by the Turkish government for the demographic change in the north _ east region of Syria so that to settle pro – Turkish mercenaries and their families. The Turkish president Rajab Tayeb Erdogan government is pursuing the policy of ” hatcing” settlements supported by Islamic assemblies and organizations after its faiure to obtain American and European support who found out that the real Turkis aim is to settle pro – Turkish mercenaris and supporters after deportong the native original inhabitants from their own homes and areas. Turkey has been accused by the United Nation to involved in carrying out massive deportation and demographic change policies. Turkey is trying to deceive the public opinion through propagating that it is building houses for those who have fled from the suppresion of the Syrian president, Bachar al – Assad. But it is clear for any close observer through the manner of building those settlements are no other than settlement spots subjugated to Turkey, and where Turkish schols are opened, mosques are being built where pro – Turkish orators are appointed in order to propagate for the Turkish culture. Those settlements are usually inaugurated by Turkish wali’s and they are under the control of Turkis security services.And the administrators are usually being appointed by Turkish security forces especially those who bear Turkish citizenship, and the organizations’ offices in those camps are patronizing terroristic and jihadist activities.and most of those who have been settled there belong to the families of those mercenaries who have been sent by Turkey to fight in Libys and Azerbayjan.Reports of violations documenting center observers mention that Turkey is continuing building wide settlements in Afrin ( Aleppo countruside), in Ras al – Ein, ( Hasaka countryside), and in Tel – Abiydh ( Raqqa) for the purpose of settling hudreds of thousands of people there simultaneously deporting the native people of those areas.to be collected in 9 camps set up by the self – administration authorities.Turkey strongly wishes to settle those Arab refugees who are fully loyal to it all along its border with Syrian.Turkey’ plan has always been to establish a belt of settlements for the pro Turkey Syrian Arab refugees around the border areas which are inhabited by kurds and other minorities.trying to change it into a chain of residential units for Turkey supporters, those areas would be isolated from the Turkish side on the one hand, ad by doing so, it will strengthen the settlers’ loyalty to Turkey, on the other hand.a plan which has been revealed by the Turkish president, Rajab Tayeb Erdogan in more than an occasion under the pretext that those desert areas are unsuitable for the Kurds to live in, and that they are quite fit for Arabs.The Turkish president, in his speech before the world leaders in the United Nations in 2019, had displayed a map for his alleged safe zone as he qpresented ambitiousq suggestions for building hundreds of new villages and towns for the refugees. His map had also shown that about one or two million pro- Turkey Syrians would be settled in Kurdish areas.Erdogan demands 27 milliar dollars for establishing settlements under the pretext of ” the safe zone”Turkey’ s heavy loss in Syria, and the failure of its project to seize power in Syris by means of ( Muslim Brthers) organization, led it to seek other alternatives because of fall back of its geopolitic and security ambitions though supporting the Sunni rebellion to overthrow the Syrian president, Bachar al Assad’s regime. So it turned to targetting kurds in the north east of Syria who have established a, self – administration region.After the Turkish president’s continual threats against his rival Syrian president to topple down his regime, and after his promises for the Syrian armed opposition which he used to support, that they were going to pray soon together in the Umayad Mosque, now all his ambitions are restricted in fighting Kurds and their Arab allies so that to deprive them of any goals they have achieved in favour of their people throgh their bitter struggle against terrorism. Trying to prevent them from enjoying any sort of self – governing in their own areas.Details of the Turkish settlement project :TRT channel has recently published the details of the plan that Turkey calls the ( safe zone) in the north of Syria, which includes establishing settlements costing 27 milliar dollars. It sems that Turkey expexts Washington to approve its malignant plan, and even to finance it.The plan includes building residential units northvof Syria for about a million people, consisting of 10 sections each can accommodate 30 thousand people, and 140 vilkages where 5 thousand people can be inhabited in each, there would be two mosques and two schools each with 16 classrooms, a youth center and an eclosed sports hall.As for the towns, each will consist of 6 thousand houses of 3 or 4 rooms. Each housecan be of about 100 squre meters.Each town will have a mosque at the center with 10 others in other parts of the town, 8 schools with 16 classrooms and a high school in addition to 2 sports halls and 5 youth centers, and a football stadium besidesl lll4 smaller football playgrounds for districts. Also ther will be other utilities and a small industrial lgleaner.Two towns where there will be two hospitals containing 200 beds each, and other 8 hospitals each with 10 beds for the other towns. According to the project plan, the total area of towns and villages will be 92.6 million sqaure meters, whereas the area of farmlands will be about 140 million square meters.The total number of residential units in the safe zone will be 200 thousand which are going to ( be constructed ) by foreign financial aid, and the budget of the project is estimated to be 965 milliar and 400 million Turkish liras equalling almost 27 million dollars.

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