Threatened Peoples Association warns of the consequences of Turkey’s continuing campaign of Islamization, Arabization and Turkification in the Syrian city of Afrin

The German branch of the Association for the Defense of Threatened Peoples (GfbV) accused the Turkish government, led by the Justice and Development Party, of continuing the campaign of Islamization, Arabization and Turkification in the “Kurdish” city of Afrin in northwestern Syria.
“The Turkish state is building mosques in Yazidi villages and spreading extremist Islam through a wide network of mosques and imams close to the Turkish state,” said a statement distributed by Dr.
The association warned the German government of the negative consequences of any cooperation with Turkish Islamic associations, especially those loyal to the Turkish government in Germany, and said, “After eliminating the Christian minority in Afrin, Turkey is trying to eliminate the Yezidis and Alawites in it.”
Dr. Kamal Seydou indicated that Turkey wants to end the Kurdish presence in the entire region and not in the city of Afrin, and indicated that it is continuing a widespread and systematic campaign as religious institutions linked to the Justice and Development Party (Diyanet) are building mosques in Yazidi villages after the displacement of most of their residents, and deliberately to spread extremist Sunni Islam
Dr. Kamal Seydou indicated that Turkish organizations are seeking to build mosques in the Yazidi village of Shadira, south of the city of Afrin, which is inhabited by 45 people of the Yazidi faith out of 450 people in its population before the Turkish occupation, as Turkey settled Sunni Arabs from the families of militants loyal to it in the village. “Even young girls often have to wear the headscarf, during the last war in Gaza, there was a massive hate speech against Israel and the Jews in those mosques,” he said, mentioning that the Turkish DITIB Foundation is spreading radical Islam in Germany and warning of the negative repercussions, recalling that during the attack Turkish on Afrin, the victory prayer of the “occupation” army was held in almost all DITIB mosques in Germany.
Dr. Kamal said that at least 96 percent of Afrin’s population are Kurds. They had to leave it after the Turkish occupation, or they were expelled, and the Kurdish population fell to only about 25%, he added: “This means that Turkey is on the verge of achieving one of its most important goals: making Afrin free of Kurds.” The Kurds in Afrin are mostly moderate Sunni Muslims. In the past, 20,000 to 30,000 Yezidi believers lived in Afrin. Today there are only a few thousand.”

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