One of the innovations of the Free Syrian National Army is “espionage, insulting the Islamic religion”

The militia members of the “Syrian National Army” use various methods to fight the Kurdish indigenous population in order to intimidate them and spread terror and fear in them and force them to leave “forced displacement” as they sometimes accuse them of forced service and standing on guard, and other times of dealing with the previous de facto authority , for the purpose of material extortion, collecting ransom, imposing royalty, looting their agricultural crops, stealing their money and seizing their property. Looting, seizure and assault, and the second is the accusation of Kurdish citizens in general and the Yazidis in particular of insulting the Islamic religion.

A week ago, police intelligence and security officials in the Sham Legion militia (most of them come from Homs governorate – representing the military wing of the Muslim Brotherhood), in the town of Maidan Akbis, launched a security campaign in the villages of Al-Midaniyat – Rajo district, to confiscate cell phones under the pretext of monitoring communications and communicating with anti-revolutionary parties The Syrian army and its national army. The campaign included:
1 _ Citizen Adnan Qanbar and his wife (phones confiscated).
2_ Ahmed Anwar Naasan, his wife and his mother (phones confiscated).
3_ Muhammad Mustafa, nicknamed Sen (phone confiscation)

On the other hand, members of the Sham Legion militia led by Salil al-Khalidi and Major Hisham, who controlled the town of Maidan Akbes, on Thursday evening, May 27, 2021 kidnapped citizens of the town on charges of communicating with the Turkish forces and spying on the leaders and members of the National Army The Syrians and taking them to the security headquarters, and they are each of:
1_ Shawqi Mustafa Othman, nicknamed “Shawki Agha,” 65 years old.
2 _ Horo Ahmed, 37 years old

Human Rights Organization in Afrin

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