Syrian organizations call for an international intervention to stop the Turkish occupation and settlement in northern Syria
Statement to the public
Since the Turkish invasion and aggression, accompanied by the Syrian armed factions and mercenaries affiliated with them, the Afrin region on the date

20/1/2018 And until now, the Turkish occupation state continues its hostile policy against peoples and human civilizations in general, through crimes and violations it commits directly by its forces or indirectly, by assigning the Syrian mercenary factions and unleashing them to carry out these dirty tasks represented By committing various kinds of crimes and punishments against people, trees and stone in the Afrin region, including murder, kidnapping, enforced disappearance, torture, sexual violence, appropriation of public and private property, and sabotage of the cultural and historical heritage of the region and the theft of its antiquities, which in most of them rise to the ranks of war crimes and crimes against humanity stipulated in the four Geneva Conventions. Of 1949 and its 1977 Additional Protocols, in addition to the 1998 Rome Statute in its Articles (8, 7, 6)
All this is in order to displace the remaining Kurds clinging to their land and complete their plan to make a comprehensive demographic change to the demographic composition in the region and obliterate its Kurdish identity and privacy, by bringing in hundreds of thousands of Arab and Turkmen settlers from the militants and their families who rejected settlement and reconciliation agreements with the Syrian regime in southern Syria. And the countryside of Damascus, Homs, Hama and Aleppo, under the auspices of Russia and Turkey, where nearly 400,000 settlers have been settled in the homes and homes of the Kurds forcibly displaced from Afrin by the war machine of the Turkish occupation, whose number exceeds about 300,000 Kurdish citizens, where the majority of these reside in the al-Shahba camps. It lacks the slightest degree of attention from the United Nations and its relief organizations, as the percentage of the original Kurdish population remaining in Afrin does not exceed 25% compared to the percentage of settlers, after the Kurds made up the absolute majority in it that exceeded 96% before the occupation
In view of the overcrowding and the inability of the cities, towns and villages in the Afrin region to absorb the huge number of settlers that the occupation brings in a systematic and continuous manner, the occupation authorities, in cooperation with some of the organizations that hide behind the guise of humanitarian services and which are in fact affiliated with the global organization of the Muslim Brotherhood, have set up to establish Random camps throughout the region, in addition to the establishment of dozens of settlements (Basma in the village of Shadrieh by the Association for Living in Dignity of the Palestinian Arabs and the Kuwaiti White Hands Association) in order to establish and consolidate the reality of demographic change and motivate settlers to come and stay in them.
As the Turkish occupation has been trying for three years to change the identity of Afrin and its landmarks and dye it with the Turkish identity by changing the names of streets, squares, public facilities and hospitals, raising the Turkish flag over schools and public facilities, in addition to issuing identification cards for the indigenous people belonging to the Turkish occupation state and imposing conversion to Islam on the Yazidis and building mosques in Yezidi villages and accusing them of infidelity and atheism and their lack of respect for the heavenly religions in general, in flagrant violation and defiance of international humanitarian law and relevant international conventions, as confirmed by …

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