Following in the footsteps of ISIS and torturing civilians in public squares …
Ankara factions attack the citizens of Afrin in front of their families

killing under torture in prisons and detention centers, and the killing of others in mass graves on the outskirts of villages has become a frequent scene in the various Syrian areas under the control of the Turkish forces, within a general state of insecurity, lack of justice, and chaos.
In the village of Kila in the Bulbul district, the 40-year-old citizen Muhammad Alou was brutally beaten with metal wires and “Kabels” castles, by 3 militiamen of the Majd Corps militia, and he was the one who resorted to them grieving and complained that one of the settlers insulted him and threatened him with weapons after he requested From him to remove his sheep from his yard.
In the village of Atania in the Rajawa district, the scene was repeated, where 3 members of the Sham Legion (from the city of Homs) assaulted the family of Riyad Saleh Hassan, and broke into his house and assaulted him and his family members under the pretext that their son was beaten by one of the children of (Riyadh) while they were playing together in the street. Although Riyad filed a complaint at the police station, they refused to respond to him and were threatened by the assailants with death and kidnapping if he complained about them.
The corpse of the young man, Mahmoud Nehme, was found from the town of Marea, the villages of Miriamin and Anarib, in the countryside of Afrin, with signs of torture on his body. The medical examination showed that he died as a result of beating him with a large stone on his head.
And private sources told the Documentation Center that there is an area for field executions prepared by militia groups (Al-Hamzat, Al-Amashat), the site is 4 kilometers south of Sheikh Al-Hadid district, where it documented the execution of at least 8 people, all of them Kurds, and it is located on the Al-Masamak road (Masmakah Abu Rasha) Among the olive groves.
The citizen “Muhammad Al-Hussein Al-Sharchout” was kidnapped from inside his car and in front of his children in the village of Al-Ghazawiya in Afrin countryside, by masked men. His body was found a day later, and he was killed by a sharp object in the village of Al-Basouta between Al-Krum.
In the city of Jarablus, unknown gunmen in a Santa Fe car killed the young man, Khamis Al-Obeid, by blocking his way on the new Al-Hal Market road and shooting at his car.

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