Europe and America refused to finance it … Turkey uses Islamic relief organizations to build new settlements in the city of Afrin.
Turkey continues to build new settlements in the city of Afrin in northwestern Syria, as part of the policy announced by Turkish President Recep Erdogan to expel the Kurds from their cities in northern Syria, and settle “Arabs”.
With Turkey’s failure to persuade European countries and the United States to provide the funds necessary for building settlements, it has resorted to opening the way for a network of (humanitarian) relief organizations affiliated with the Muslim Brotherhood to penetrate the region and build settlements, and this is accompanied by building Islamic institutes for the organization of the Brotherhood (classified on the bylaws). Terrorist organizations).
These associations have intensified their activities since mid-2020 and have built more residential settlements to accommodate the displaced, as part of the (demographic change) scheme in the region, which have become the best tool now in Turkey’s hand with its inability to continue providing the necessary funds to serve its project.
Recently, photos were circulated showing that the Kuwaiti White Hands Association built a housing unit in the Yazidi village of Shadiriyah in the countryside of Sherawa district in Jebel Liloun in Afrin. It consists of 12 housing units, including 144 apartments in the first phase, to settle the families of the Turkish-backed militia gunmen. Durable homes are already sufficient for them, and settlement is focused on the Turkmen families most loyal to Turkey, especially those whose members were sent to fight alongside Turkish forces as mercenaries in Libya and Karabakh.
Turkey continues to build 7 other settlements in order to settle the families of the militants loyal to it in the context of demographic change.
A number of organizations were counted on which Turkey relies to provide the necessary funds for the implementation of the settlement construction project, including:
Turkish Disaster and Emergency Management – AFAD, Islamic Relief, Mercy Among Them Organization, Mercy Organization (Norway), Islamic Help Organization, Zakat House, Global Mercy, Molham Volunteer Team, World Assembly of Islamic Youth, Youth of Goodness, Caravans for Relief and Development, Youth of Charity Voluntary, The Islah Association, the International Campaign in Support of the Syrian People, the Muslim Community in France, the Voluntary Charity Team, the Peace Association, the Al-Najat Charitable Foundation, the Support Coordination Unit, the Shamna Thuker and Sanad Campaign from Kuwait, the Bunyan Charitable Society, the Al-Furqan Foundation, the Medical Association for Syrian Expatriates, the Tripoli Foundation , Ihsan Youth Team, to advise the invitation and the media
List of Turkish settlements in Afrin:
South of the village of Shaderia in the Shirwa district.
Mount Sheikh Muhammad, north of the town of Kafr Safra, Jendires.

  • Mount Shoti, Jabal Qazkli road, north of the town of Kafr Safra, Janders.
    Legh site between the villages of Qarmatlaq and Jqla Tahtani.
    Sheikh Al-Hadid, near the clinic in the town of Sheikh Al-Hadid.
    A mountain site near the village of Hajj Hasna, Jenderes.
    Khalta village, Shirwa.

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